Content Creation

The BIM Factory is where we research, prototype and create your BIM components. Created by some of the most highly skilled professionals the industry has to offer, we don’t just meet, we aim to exceed current industry standards. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a specifier, if you need BIM content all you need to do is ask.

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The BIM making process

Whether you’re looking for content creation from scratch, or you need your existing BIM families upgraded, we have the most highly skilled professionals the industry has to offer. We know BIM, more importantly, we know how your products will be best utilised in BIM.

Step 1

Created in the bimfactory

We research, prototype, create and amend your BIM components. All created to meet and exceed Industry standards.

Step 2

Uploaded to

Ready to download for free, complete with description, images and user guides on the UK's leading BIM distribution portal.

Step 3

Distributed with bimtransport

The UKs leading BIM content network. We distribute, promote and track all of your downloads.