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bimstore is the leading BIM content distributor in the UK. Free to designers and specifiers, we ensure your content is reaching the widest audience through our unique eco-system.

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  • Manufacturer Profile
  • Product Hosting
  • Analytical Data
  • Eco-System distribution
  • Media Pack
  • Additional product hosting

    There is no limit to the amount of products we can host for you. Simply select a hosting upgrade bundle from the list below and add it to your subscription bundle.

  • Advanced analytics

    Upgrade your subscription to include live analytics. We provide you with when, what, who and where those downloads have come from, all accessible at anytime from your manufacturer admin area.

  • bim _shelf

    Let us make the process of hosting on your own website painless, we’ll use our _shelf technology to generate the downloads and more importantly, track them for you. Your analytics are centralised and you don't need to worry about hosting and traffic on your site. All it takes is one line of code on your website!
    *There is now an option to enable a search box as well as an option to include sort and filter on a shelf