Carlton - 65mm Clayburn Civic Reverse

Manufacturer:Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC
Model:Carlton - 65mm Clayburn Civic Reverse
OMNICLASS:23-13 21 00
Software:Revit 2013
Last Updated:01 Oct 2018
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brick, wall, masonry, block,

Further Information

Carlton forms part of Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC, a UK stock market listed company producing over 100 million clay bricks, tiles and pavers annually. The enlarged Group currently owns six of the UK’s most recognised premium brands: Blockleys, Carlton, Charnwood, Freshfield Lane, Michelmersh and Hathern Terra Cotta. Michelmersh remains at the forefront of industry innovation and was the first UK clay product manufacturer to offer intuitive Building Information Modelling files, hosted on its dedicated platform at

Michelmersh strives to be a well-invested, long term, sustainable and environmentally responsible business dedicated to delivering quality products to its long-term customer base. The Group aims to provide training, security and career progression for all of its employees, whilst acting as a responsible corporate citizen and keeping stakeholder value at the forefront of every decision. The Group aims to lead the way in producing Britain’s premium clay products, enhancing the built environment and adding value to the architectural landscape for generations to come.

With over 130 years experience, Carlton has fine-tuned the production of a broad spectrum of high quality, durable bricks from its manufacturing base in Yorkshire. Carlton boasts the ability to manufacture monotone colour blends in rustic, dragwire, smooth and sandfaced textures, which are widely used for contemporary brickwork detailing in commercial, retail and housing developments. The Company produces durable, versatile blends that are renowned for their ability to seamlessley match 20th Century brickwork and excel when sensitive conservational specifications for specialised restoration or refurbishment projects. Our collections are ideal for new housing, commercial developments and individual self-build projects, complementing a vast array of vernacular architecture.

Products are currently manufactured in accordance with the requirements of British Standards: BS EN 771-1. In compliance with independently verified ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems.

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