Diamond Suite - Tilt Turn Next to Fixed Next to Tilt Turn

Model:Diamond Suite - Tilt Turn Next to Fixed Next to Tilt Turn
CI/SFB CODE:(31.4)
Software:revit 2014
Last Updated:30 Jun 2016
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Further Information

By twisting the handle to 90 degrees, the sash tilts inwards to provide gentle ventilation; when turned to 180 degrees the side hinges engage to enable the window to be fully opened for ease of cleaning or fire escape.

With looks that will last, seamless sightlines and ease of installation, this is the professionals' choice.

Plain, pseudo casement and dummy transom styles are available with many options and accessories relating to glass design, performance, colour and ironmongery. Security is not compromised either, Tilt and Turn windows can be fitted with a variety of hardware and locking options and also conform to BS 7950 high security status.

This download contains a TILT TURN window from Duraflex's Diamond Suite range of window systems.

Vairious options built into the family along with fully parametric geometarey for optimum customisation. 

- Configuration is Tilt Turn Next to Fixed Next to Tilt Turn

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