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Manufacturer:Hush Acoustic Products LTD
Model:Hush Absorbers
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Last Updated:29 Jun 2016
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Reverberation and in severe cases, turning into echoes, are a common problem in many domestic and public places. Mid to High frequency sounds (in most cases) speech within spaces such as classrooms, multipurpose community and sports halls, offices, bars, restaurants and cafés can often cause disruptive and discomforting noise problems. Many places are increasingly using acoustic sound absorbers to resolve their noise problems and to improve their buildings sound quality.

Hush can provide acoustic absorber panels in a variety of stylish finishes. Whilst creating a tailored interior design, the acoustic absorber will provide a practical and efficient way of dampening sound reverberation within rooms, halls, corridors and almost any other internal space.

The Hush Absorber 50a is a Class A Absorber which consists of fabric wrapped 50mm thick acoustic foam, with built in support frames to allow for bracket fixing to provide an air void behind the absorber for enhanced acoustic performance.

The Hush abosorber panels comply to BB93 standards for school acoustics and building regulations

This download contains 4 Generic Model Familes in 16 different colours and numerous size combinations:

  • Hush Absorber 30
  • Hush Absorber 50
  • Hush Absorber 50A Wall based
  • Hush Absorber 50A Ceiling based

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