Prestige Solo Condensing Boilers

Model:Prestige Solo Condensing Boilers
Software:revit 2014
Last Updated:18 Apr 2016
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ACV Prestige Solo Boiler Range
ACV Prestige Solo Boiler Range
ACV Prestige Solo Boiler Range
ACV Prestige Solo Boiler Range
ACV Prestige Solo Boiler Range

Further Information

Featuring a heat exchanger with stainless steel flue way, the Prestige range of wall-hung gas-fired condensing boilers reflects ACV’s 80 years of experience in the use of stainless steel for heating and generating hot water. Prestige boilers are equally capable of meeting both individual needs and the demands of tertiary applications.

They can be cascaded to increase available output or installed in combination with HeatMasters or ACV water heaters for maximum stability of hot water supply.

This download is for the ACV Prestige Solo range of Revit boiler components and includes the following range types;

Prestige Solo 42, 50, 75, 100 & 120.

Rev 02 - URL's & PDT information updated.


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