Altro Whiterock Satins

Manufacturer:Altro Limited
Model:Altro Whiterock Satins
Software:revit 2013, IFC
Last Updated:11 Apr 2018
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Further Information

Altro Whiterock Satins™ is a durable, grout-free, water-tight, seamless smooth wall cladding system designed for building environments that are required to meet strict hygiene standards. The panels provide a stain resistant, wipe clean surface with no gaps or cracks for bacteria to hide in. It is extremely impact resistant and ideal for tough areas.

Reflecting the latest colour trends, the Altro Whiterock Satins range gives you a number of fresh options for an attractive single colour finish.

To round your job off perfectly, you can use extruded two part uPVC trims to complement the exciting Altro Whiterock Satins range. Combined with Altro non-sparkle safety flooring, it achieves the required Light Reflective Value difference needed for DDA requirements.

This download includes all 15 colour options for the Whiterock Satins range of hygienic cladding.

**NEW COLOUR ADDED 14/03/2016 - 223 ORCHARD**

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