Altro Wood Safety

Manufacturer:Altro Limited
Model:Altro Wood Safety
OMNICLASS:23-15 17 17 15
Software:revit 2013, IFC
Last Updated:26 Apr 2016
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Further Information

The new Altro Wood Safety™ range of 16 colours, offers a combination of classic, contemporary classic and on trend designs, which are ideal in locations where first impressions count and you can’t afford to compromise on safety. They combine well with any contemporary situation, including monotone, sophisticated areas of metals, glass, bright and mood lighting, while also co-ordinating well in more vibrant locations where any potential clash with colour is to be avoided.

The new palette enables you to vary the mood from cool and classy for spas and hospital receptions to warm and nurturing for the hospitality and care sectors. The sparkle-free finish makes it particularly ideal for application in dementia settings.

The lighter shades enable you to create the impression of space in school halls and canteen areas which can have low ceilings.

The new range benefits from Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology for optimum long term cleaning and maintenance performance.

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