Ashzip Standing Seam System

Manufacturer:ASH & LACY
Model:Ashzip Standing Seam System
OMNICLASS:23-13 35 25
Software:revit 2014
Last Updated:21 Jan 2016
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Ash & Lacy Ashzip Standing Seam System
Ash & Lacy Ashzip Standing Seam System
Ash & Lacy Ashzip Standing Seam System
Ash & Lacy Ashzip Standing Seam System

Further Information

Standing seam roofing systems are renowned for their outstanding aesthetic and performance characteristics and have been used extensively throughout the public and private sectors in the UK for over 25 years.

The Ashzip standing seam roofing system represents excellent value without any compromise on quality, service, choice or the comprehensive range of design and detailing options available. By incorporating other high performance Ash & Lacy building envelope products into the roofing system, compatibility is ensured between the individual components.

This BIM download is for the Ashzip range of standing seam roof components including the following types;

Ashzip 300 and Ashzip 400 build ups including realistic standing seam options.

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