Brise Soleil - 100 Blade - Dark Grey

Model:Brise Soleil - 100 Blade - Dark Grey
Software:revit 2011
Last Updated:15 Mar 2014

Further Information

Dales Solar Shade products are produced from high-grade aluminium extrusions and sheet material and are offered in bespoke or standard configurations. All are available in the full range of RAL or BS colours in polyester powder or PVF2 and also in anodised finish. Heavily glazed south facing elevations can be subject to high levels of solar gain and over heating can become a problem unless the building is air-conditioned, which can be costly in both monetary and environmental terms.

A well-designed externally fixed solar shading system can reduce solar gain significantly whilst still transmitting sufficient daylight to reduce the requirement for artificial light. This download includes the Dales Fabrication 100 Blade Brise Soleil - Dark Grey Component

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