Caliente Towel Rail - Single

Manufacturer:Stelrad Radiators Ltd
Model:Caliente Towel Rail - Single
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:30 Sep 2014
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Further Information

Elegant tube on tube design consisting of a tight array of slim tubes makes the Caliente Towel Rail an easy choice for any bathroom or kitchen whether it’s a modern, contemporary or period interior.

The single and double Caliente towel rail models are both have an attractive tubular finish to grace any bathroom, shower room or wet room environment.


Whilst the products come as standard in white, the towel rail is also available in a range of 35 colours making matching and contrasting to colour schemes an exciting additional option.

This download is for the Stelrad Caliente Towel Rail Single Radiator and contains all 16 types.

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