Manufacturer:Stelrad Radiators Ltd
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:30 Sep 2014
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As a measure of the all round dependable quality and performance, the Stelrad Compact comes complete with a 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

A range of 200 models provides extra sizing flexibility and covers a multitude of application requirements.

The elegant, integrated top grille and side panels have been specifically designed to eradicate any movement, providing a tight, professional fit, that will remain in place, even after storage, transit and installation.






As you would expect from a radiator with the Stelrad pedigree, the convectors are precision welded directly onto the waterways for greater efficiency and economy, with flexible connection options for the highest of commercial and domestic application specifications.

With availability nationwide, the Stelrad Compact range is the perfect solution for all Compact radiator applications.

This BIM download includes all the Compact Horizontal variations, including the K1, K2, P+, and P1 radiator type.



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Other peoples comments

William Tennant

William Tennant

24th May 2017 8:39

The family does not seem to have any dynamic engineering data to take advantage of Revit systems and propagate water flow rates through the system. Output does not correct for different flow/return temperatures or room conditions. There does not appear to be an easy way to swap flow / return connections left /right.
The radiator is sufficient for use in rendered views and dimensional accuracy.

David Logan

David Logan

6th February 2015 13:44

Can you add the sizes to product descriptions.


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