DCJ Series Jet Diffuser

Model:DCJ Series Jet Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

Colman's DCJ jet diffuser has been designed to supply cooled or warm air to larger spaces such as exhibition halls, showrooms, factories and shopping centres.

The DCJ has been specially designed to ensure that long throws can be achieved at relatively low noise levels. The DCJ can be freely moved to alter the direction of air stream through 30 degrees diretionally and 360 degrees rotationally allowing for accurate "Spot Cooling" or adjustment for heating (downwards) and cooling (Upwards) modes.

To supply air over long distances a high outlet velocity is required, therefore we recommend the DCJ jet diffuser is installed at higher levels and careful consideration is given of the supply air flow.

The DCJ jet diffuser is formed from special aluminum spinning and is fixed to the diffuser housing by a "ball and socket" arrangement. A perimeter sealing gasket is used between the spherical discharge nozzle and diffuser housing to prevent air leakage, while allowing free rotation of the nozzle. The DCJ is complete with a front flanged mounting ring and circular spigot connection for direct connection to a circular duct.

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