GGU Rooflight

Model:GGU Rooflight
OMNICLASS:23 - 30 30 00
Software:revit 2011
Last Updated:13 Mar 2014

Further Information

Open up your bathroom, kitchen or other high-humidity room with our Centre-Pivot GGU white finish roof windows which feature a seamless, waterproof polyurethane coating. This window combines all the features of our basic centre-pivot window, with a premium white polyurethane coating to protect the strong wooden core from moisture. With a clean, white design, it’s also a great choice for any room where you want a maintenance-free window that looks great.

* UPDATED - Version 2 now contains a type catalogue file that contains 16 pre-set standard Velux Sizes.

* UPDATED - Version 3 now contains an instance parameter for the Roof Thickness that the GGU rooflight is to sit in. This allows the void cut of the roof light to be the correct depth.

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Other peoples comments

Martin McCann

Martin McCann

17th March 2017 8:53

This is a great example of how NOT to create a Revit family
The levels of detail are such that the family simply cannot be used
It's surprising that anyone who knew anything about Revit would create something so poor
I would rate it, but I would have to give it 1 out of 5 and it is not that good