Glass Folding Sliding Wall

Manufacturer:DORMA UK
Model:Glass Folding Sliding Wall
Software:revit 2011
Last Updated:17 Mar 2014
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Further Information

Glass Folding Sliding Wall

The DORMA Folding Sliding Wall features panels with top & bottom rails that are connected together at the top and bottom by hinges which means the open wall can be parked effortlessly without the need for a separate stacking track. As with Horizontal sliding walls you can create movable entrances, partitions and display windows which can be moved easily to remove the barrier for both internal and external applications. No floor channels or guides are required, so there is unimpeded access allowingone flooring material to be used throughout without unsightly breaks.

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Other peoples comments

Neil Pyne

Neil Pyne

2nd June 2015 16:29

Beneficial if component could be edited to change angle of folding screens instead of just closed in 3D view and open in plan.


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