Horizontal Sliding Hatch Kit (2 Panel)

Manufacturer:AllGlass Systems LTD
Model:Horizontal Sliding Hatch Kit (2 Panel)
OMNICLASS:23-17 13 13 13
Last Updated:29 Sep 2014
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Further Information

All our Aluminium horizontal sliding glass reception hatches are made to order. They are available in Kit form to suit an existing lining frame or we can manufacture a lining frame with integral Hardwood shelf to your specification.

Aluminium Sliding Glass Reception Hatches and Windows are an ideal solution for existing or new reception and servery counters. Sliding glass reception hatches are a great way to bring a a level of security and professionalism to any reception area or foyer.

We can design a reception or servery hatch to meet your specific requirements.

This download includes both 6mm and 10mm 2 Panel Horizontal Sliding Hatch Kit Types.

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