Hush Ceiling Components

Manufacturer:Hush Acoustic Products LTD
Model:Hush Ceiling Components
Software:Revit 2014
Last Updated:01 Jul 2016
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Hush, Acrostics, Ceiling, Components, Buildups, System, Bim, Revit, 2014

Further Information

A collection of Ceilign products created by Hush Acoustic Products which can be added onto an existing Ceiling system/build-up.

This download contains 1 Revit Project with 11 Combound Ceiling System Fmailies inside it:

Hush MF Ceiling

Hush Bar Resilient Bar

Hush Bar Deep Resilient Bar

Hush Slab Sound Absorber 25

Hush Slab Sound Absorber 50

Hush Slab Sound Absorber 75

Hush Slab Sound Absorber 100

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