iQ Granit SD Vinyl Control Flooring

Model:iQ Granit SD Vinyl Control Flooring
Software:revit 2011
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

iQ Granit SD is a homogeneous, resilient, permanently static dissipative control flooring. It is manufactured using the latest technology and with iQ PUR for excellent wear resistance and cleaning characteristics. This provides stable and reliable conductivity as well as an aesthetically pleasing product. iQ Granit SD is classified as a DIF product, Dissipative Floor, according to IEC 61340-4-1. The pattern is non-directional. Sheets are installed using ordinary flooring adhesive. Tiles must always be installed using a conductive adhesive. Conductive adhesive is required over copper strips.

For greater safety in sensitive environments
13 colours available both in sheets and tiles
2 mm thickness
Colour coordinated with iQ Granit
Unique conductive iQ PUR
iQ Unique Surface Restoration
Market’s best life cycle cost
This is a large download that includes 13 colour options for the Tarkett iQ Granit SD range.

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