iQ Natural Vinyl Flooring

Model:iQ Natural Vinyl Flooring
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Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

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iQ Natural, the new nature of vinyl flooring

The demand has never been higher for building techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. People want to be sure that the places where they live and work are healthy, and that everything has been done to make better buildings that reflect the needs of future as well as the present. iQ Natural is Tarkett’s innovative response to these new demands - a vinyl flooring that meets the highest standards for sustainable solutions. In addition, iQ Natural has all the benefits of the iQ range and delivers performance to match its environmental credentials. iQ Natural is the new nature of vinyl flooring. Tarkett has always been at the forefront of innovation in the flooring industry. With iQ Natural we bring our customers flooring solutions that are even more environmentally friendly and offer even more performance. iQ Natural is the natural choice for any commercial application, but particularly for the high-traffic and demanding worlds of healthcare, education, offices and retail.

Made of 75% natural and renewable raw materials
A wide palette of colours inspired by nature enriched with 11 new greys
iQ unique self regenerating properties
Best lifecycle costs on the market
VOC below quantifiable level and phthalate free
100% recyclable
This is a large download that includes 35 colour options for the Tarkett iQ Natural range.

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