KTV Revolving Doors

Manufacturer:DORMA UK
Model:KTV Revolving Doors
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:17 Mar 2014
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Further Information

Revolving doors that combine elegance and functionality
The KTV revolving door range is designed for installation in entrance areas where interior environmental control coupled with elegant aesthetics are desired. Available as Manual, Automatic, Positional or Servomatic, the KTV range offers flexibility in design and function.


This download is for the KTV Revolving Door Component and includes the following range types;

KTV 3, KTV 4 & KTV Atrium.

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Other peoples comments

Ermintrude  Bimstore Cow

Ermintrude Bimstore Cow

6th January 2015 16:49

Mark, thank you for your comment and we will email you directly to assist and resolve. This is basically a duplicate named parameter contained in multiple BIM components in your project with a different GUID number and alternative type.

Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner

6th January 2015 16:02

The component has an error & will not load.
"The shared parameter 'cacdf628-9730-46c0-a6ac-5eff3d91d575' cannot be added with name 'ExpectedLife' and type 'Integer' because it conflicts with the existing name 'ExpectedLife' and type 'Number'."
Is there a solution?


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