Marin Cubicle System

Manufacturer:Maxwood Washrooms
Model:Marin Cubicle System
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:29 Sep 2014
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Maxwood Marin Cubicle System
Maxwood Marin Cubicle System
Maxwood Marin Cubicle System
Maxwood Marin Cubicle System
Maxwood Marin Cubicle System
Maxwood Marin Cubicle System

Further Information

Tough cubicle system for challenging environments

When it comes to challenging environments, no system performs better than the Marin cubicle system. With impressive water-resistant qualities, it withstands the humidity of areas such as leisure centres, showers and changing rooms, and the sheer durability of the system means that the rigours of institutional settings such as schools, colleges, detention centres and prisons, are easily handled.

Manufactured out of solid-grade laminate, with robust cubicle hardware to complement the strength of panel material, Marin is a dependable favourite for areas where looks must be matched with performance.

Compact Solid Grade Laminate
Water-Resistant & Impact Resistant
Polished & Profiled Edges width Radiused Corners
Aluminium Hardware
Bullnosed Headrail
Anti-Vandal Through-Bolted Fixings
Option of Powder Coated Hardware

This download is for the Marin Cubicle System component.

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