MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range

Manufacturer:S & P Coil Products Limited
Model:MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:29 May 2015
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MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range
MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range
MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range
MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range
MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range

Further Information

MINIB convectors are effective, modern, energy efficient and aesthetically styled units suitable for use in both dry and wet interiors. The low water volume of the convectors ensures rapid heating and cooling of spaces and corresponding energy savings. Convectors also benefit from having extremely small requirements in terms of space compared to competing equipment.

The inclusion of MINIB convectors within the space does not detract from the aesthetics of the room and can be considered to add to it.

This download is for the MINIB Trench Heater Natural Range Component and includes the following range types;

Coil P, Coil P80, Coil PT, Coil PT4, Coil PT80, Coil PT105, Coil PT180, Coil PT300, Coil P0, Coil P04, Coil PMW90, Coil PMW125, Coil PMW165, Coil PMW205.

Rev 02 - Instance parameters added to allow for more product options.

Rev 03 - Parameter update.

Rev 04 - Component file size reduced.

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