Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer (SS2460)

Manufacturer:Allgood plc
Model:Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer (SS2460)
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:10 Mar 2014
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Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer (SS2460)
Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer (SS2460)
Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer (SS2460)

Further Information

Grade 316 satin stainless steel
Sensor activated hand dryer
30 second drying time
60 dB noise level at 1 metre (Quiet operation suitable for noise sensitive applications)
1.75kW draw at 240V
Consistent radius aesthetic with shadow gap detail
Concealed fixing
BEAB approved
CE Marked

This download includes the SS2460 Modric Surface Mounted Hand Dryer.

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