N Series - Nozzle Diffusers

Model:N Series - Nozzle Diffusers
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

N’ Series range of nozzle diffusers are based on a patented nozzle design that allows architects and consultants to have total flexibility when considering their air distribution requirements. The nozzles rotate so that any air pattern can be accommodated and they are available in a wide range of colours to match their surroundings.

The brochure (downloadable below) provides many examples of the tremendous possibilities this revolutionary product provides . The diffusers have been developed to attain maximum induction and coanda-effect. Thus air from the room is drawn into the diffuser's air streams and cooling is achieved outside of the occupied zone creating comfortable air movement and temperature conditions.

Where a VAV system is being designed this requires diffusers that maintain a high induction effect even at reduced air displacement levels. ‘N' Series diffusers provide this flexibility and may be incorporated directly into the standard design.

N Series diffusers comprise a number of circular nozzles that each emit an air stream at approx. 30° to the surface they are mounted in. The nozzles can be individually swivelled through 360° allowing many different distribution patterns to be generated.

The patented design of the nozzles prevents the distribution pattern from affecting the pressure drop (³P), or noise level. Readjustment of the pattern can therefore be made whenever necessary without affecting any of these parameters.

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