P Series - Laminar Flow Panels

Model:P Series - Laminar Flow Panels
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Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

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Designed for use in specialist applications where the mixing of fresh and existing room air and the subsequent spreading of airborne particles cannot be tolerated, the Colman Moducel laminar flow systems provide very low turbulence fresh air in a vertical flow pattern, avoiding up-currents and providing a clean, germ-free air zone.

They are therefore ideally suited for use in hospital operating theatres, laboratories, computer rooms and television studios amongst others. The system can be matched to the room design so that it can either form the whole ceiling arrangement incorporating light fittings and other items or it can be a single panel where a particular zone requires special conditions.

As it can provide fresh air over a wide space it is also suited to applications where standard diffusers cannot provide the air change capacity needed.

The panels comprise a perforated aluminium sheet with an extruded aluminium frame and galvanised steel plenum with top entry spigot. Dampers are not recommended in the entry spigot due to noise limitations and they should be fitted in the upstream ductwork. When individual panels are supplied the plenums are formed by enclosing the back of the frames with a panel and having a separate spigot for each sub-unit.

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