RPM IPS (with WC)

Manufacturer:Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd
Model:RPM IPS (with WC)
Software:revit 2011
Last Updated:15 Mar 2014

Further Information

Theses pre-plumbed units come complete with panels, sanitaryware, brassware and plumbing all assembled onto a rigid aluminium frame ready to install. All Bushboard wall hung WCs are factory fitted prior to delivery.

Floor mounted back-to-wall WC cubicles are supplied seperately for on-site fixing.

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Other peoples comments

Ermintrude  Bimstore Cow

Ermintrude Bimstore Cow

1st April 2014 9:44

Angus, thanks for your comment this has been checked and is now resolved. Happy downloading! Moooo

Angus Ferguson

Angus Ferguson

31st March 2014 10:22

Family is not a wc as stated but a urinal.