Supafil Party Wall

Manufacturer:Knauf Insulation Ltd
Model:Supafil Party Wall
Software:revit 2011, archicad, vectorworks, bentley, IFC
Last Updated:19 Mar 2014
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Further Information

Supafil Party Wall Insulation is an unbonded, non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation which requires no mixing on site. Supafil Party Wall prevents heat loss through party separating cavity walls, and when used in conjunction with effective edge sealing allows a zero effective U-value to be used within SAP calculations for new dwellings.

• Provides a full fill solution ensuring that insulation is in intimate contact with both leaves of the wall
• Suitable for new-build or retrofit
• Quick and clean to install
• Installed by approved contractors
• Low cost
• Injected after wall is constructed (new build) allowing empty cavity to be checked before installation



Supafil Party Wall Insulation has been proven to prevent heat loss in real life testing.


Supafil Party Wall can be used in conjunction with Robust Details for further details see -


Supafil Party Wall Insulation is classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN ISO 13501-1.

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, IFC, Bentley and Vectorworks files for the Supafil Party Wall.

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