3D Previews on bimstore!

3D Previews on bimstore!

Posted 26th March 2018 by Bailey Spray

At bimstore, we are always at the forefront of technological advancements and the launch of our 3D Preview Technology allows you to preview the content prior to downloading.

Using manufacturers components as the basis for providing an accurate, realistic and immersive experience, the 3D Previews provide a high quality, interactive output, allowing users to interrogate and thoroughly inspect the content before downloading it.

This is great for users to really interact and gain a greater insight into the unique features which each product hosts on bimstore.  

All of bimstores latest content will receive a 3D preview as part of their listing as standard, with several manufacturers already seeing the benefits of the 3D Previews already!

One of those manufacturers is Marshalls plc, who’s range of BIM content continues to grow rapidly with 3D Previews. BIM Manager at Marshalls, Manuela Fazzan spoke about their experience so far:

“The new 3D previews are a great aspect to help our customers to visualize and understand our products more, as each product has its own unique qualities this gives our customers clarity on their product choice.”

Marshalls Natural Elements Collection provides a perfect example of exploring the detailed features of manufacturers BIM content using 3D Previews. 

Take a look for yourself below: 

These previews can include annotations, animations and an inbuilt VR experience so users can really immerse themselves within the content. The 3D previews can also be embedded into your websites, providing a really interactive experience for your users.

You can check out the 3D Previews for our latest BIM Content next to the contents further information! 

About bimstore: 
bimstore is the UK’s original BIM object library. Developed by specifiers for specifiers, we create and host high-quality manufacturer specific BIM content, making it easy to browse and download the world’s best collection of BIM components. If you need any help with BIM content creation, then get in touch with the bimstore team today. 

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