Altecnic BIM objects live on bimstore now

Altecnic BIM objects live on bimstore now

Posted 14th July 2016 by BimStore

Yes, yes, we know we’re spoiling you with all these new manufacturers popping up on bimstore but it’s okay to sneak another one in isn’t it?

Say hello to Altecnic!

Altecnic are the UK’s largest plumbing products supplier. Established near Stafford in 1988, they have built their reputation on supplying what their customers need now, while their dedicated technical team work on what will be needed in the future.  Altecnic’s high quality products and services are chosen by trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers, plumbing and heating engineers and specifiers. With the product ranges covering commonly used components, along with specialist and rarely used parts and backed by relevant certifications and approvals, you can be confident in your choice.

There are four new Altecnic BIM object listings live on bimstore this week.

5213 Merchant Thermostatic Mixing Valve – The merchant fail safe thermostatic mixing valve has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the latest NHS model engineering specification - D08 and BS 7942 for use in care homes.

535 Prescal Pressure Reducing Valve - The series 535 range of dial up pressure reducing valves is designed for semi commercial and industrial applications.

Intaball Lever Ball Valve (Blue Handle) and Intaball Lever Ball Valve (Red Handle) - The Altecnic Intaball lever ball valve with compression ends is the ideal
isolation valve, for use in copper pipe systems. Suitable for isolating individual outlets, or providing isolation for ‘Y’ strainers or control valves, should maintenance be required. In larger systems they can provide isolation on heating, chilled and the primary side of HWS services on zones, branches or floors.

Did you know that Altecnic have a strong corporate environmental awareness and were the first in their industry to become CarbonNeutral®? There are now in their fifth year!

We really happy to have Altecnic on board at bimstore – to view their new BIM content visit their profile page now!

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