bimstore is now on Facebook!

bimstore is now on Facebook!

Posted 24th September 2015 by BimStore

A while back we told you about all the different places you could track down bimstore on the internet. There were many. What can we say? We get around a fair bit.  There was one definitely one missing though - there was a big Facebook-shaped hole in our lives.

Not anymore...

Yes, we’ve gone and got ourselves a brand new shiny Facebook page where you will be able to keep up to date with all our latest news, check out things we think you’ll find interesting and also see photos from all our events and happenings!

As it’s so new, we’re a little lonely over there at the moment so we’d really love it if you are on Facebook and would like to come and join us on our page.  To find us, simply follow the link below.

bimstore on Facebook

And in case you missed it before, you can find the post detailing all of the other places we hang out right here!


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