FYI: We've published a new Revit <b>bim</b>store bible

FYI: We've published a new Revit bimstore bible

Posted 7th August 2014 by BimStore

Recently, we quietly published a new version of our Revit bimstore bible, the 45-page document that defines the guidelines and standards we follow in creating models for our manufacturers' BIM objects.

The bibles give our specialists the information they need to meet all current UK standards on content creation, with portability and high performance twin priortities. The biggest changes to be found in Version 12 are in the paremeter usage section, which sees new subheadings and updated tables.

We've also made a few readability improvements on the side, elevating Version 12 to the status of great literature, yes.

Openness has always been an important tenant of bimstore, and so you can download the new bible at any time on our Resource Centre page.


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