Manufacturers! BIM4M2 have prepared a survey for you...

Manufacturers! BIM4M2 have prepared a survey for you...

Posted 18th July 2014 by BimStore

Here at bimstore it is our solemn duty to assist manufacturers of all stripes in making the move to BIM. We've designed objects, hosted them, developed propriety tech like bimshelf, employed an animated cow to explain our site, and equipped our manufacturers with powerful analytical tools.

Today, we want to let manufacturers know about a new survey to gauge the BIM literacy of the manufacturing sector. It's been set up by the BIM 4 Manufacturers & Manufacturing (BIM4M2 for short) working group, who communicate with the BIM Task Group on behalf of manufacturers.

By taking this survey, manufacturers will be helping the BIM communiity - and us - to better cater to their needs. We'll be examining the results when they come to light, and making changes to bimstore accordingly.


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