Now on <b>bim</b>store, it's... Luceco!

Now on bimstore, it's... Luceco!

Posted 22nd July 2014 by BimStore

We did a straw poll round the bimstore office on the subject of lighting today. "Do you like lights?" I asked. The results were unequivocal: we love lights. It'd be dark if we didn't have lights.

Imagine the rapture, then, when it was announced that today's new entry onto bimstore, Luceco, is a global lighting brand, which has added its commercial bulkhead product to our library.

In one download of the commercial bulkheads, you get six different cover and accessory options for a product that you can install on your project's walls and ceilings. There's a semi-recessed option, too. 

To accommodate these bulkheads, we've added a new category - Lighting Fixtures - for these commercial bulkheads, and those lighting products that follow.. Other MEP-related categories include plumbing and mechanical fixtures.



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