The <b>bim</b>store workshop went down a treat

The bimstore workshop went down a treat

Posted 23rd July 2014 by BimStore

Project Pea. Project Potato. Project Parsnip. Project Cucumber. If you weren’t at yesterday’s bimstore workshop event, we beg your pardon for this vegetable-based outburst. You must be perturbed. But, if you were at our Newcastle HQ on Tuesday, then... did we get you excited?

Yesterday was all about letting our manufacturers know about what’s going on at bimstore. We briefed our guests on our standing in the market today, summarising our recent milestones. They heard about the imminent release of the next bimstore bible – more tweak than revamp – and met with key members of bimstore’s team.

As for those vegetables? They’re the codenames of some top secret experiments hissing away within the tech labs of bimstore – some subtle, some explosive. Off the record, we revealed them to our manufacturers, who must have thought they’d landed in Neo-Newcastle. All will be revealed in due course.

Every attendee went home with a Golden Moo, and a full belly thanks to our buffet. The presence of Budweiser helped to finish off what had already been a candid four hours, where feedback was freely given and gratefully received.

We thought those who couldn’t make it would nevertheless be interested to see our collection of photos from the event, which took place under an uncharacteristically generous sun. Take a look at our Flickr page for those. And when those vegetables are ripe for the plucking, we’ll let you know here on the site. Until then, enjoy the snaps.

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