Updated BIM content live on bimstore for Icopal

Updated BIM content live on bimstore for Icopal

Posted 11th January 2016 by BimStore

World leader in building protection, manufacturer Icopal has recently released some new and updated BIM content on bimstore and we wanted to just take a minute of your time to let you know what has changed!

Present throughout Europe and the US with a network of local sales and production units, Icopal is the world leader in building protection – from the roof right down to the basement.   Their UK headquarters is in Manchester and through their national network of over 2,000 stockists, Icopal offer the UK’s most complete range of construction membranes, support services and insured roofing guarantees.

Icopal have refreshed their BIM offering with both new content and also updated their existing content. Some of the major changes to their BIM objects include upgrading existing COBie parameters in line with the current version of the bimstore bible (v13) and removing Uniclass2 parameters to replace with Uniclass2015 coding. They’ve also been busy uploading their product literature and associated technical information and PDFs to our newest app, Specifi.

You can view Icopal’s full BIM object range by visiting their manufacturer page here on bimstore.


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