You'll want to see Kawneer's new AA®541 Casement Window System

You'll want to see Kawneer's new AA®541 Casement Window System

Posted 1st August 2014 by BimStore

August is here, and it’s time for one of our biggest single-manufacturer updates yet. Kawneer, which already hosts extensive curtain wall systems in their AA®100 & AA®110 products, has more than doubled their BIM offering with the addition of the 190/350 doorsets and the AA®541 Casement Window System.

The team here at bimstore are particularly enamoured with the AA®541, which is one of our most user-pliable objects yet. It can be resized through click-to-drag and installed to any possible configuration you desire. If you’ve been in need of an appropriate window system for your projects, then this really is good news, providing an effective, simple to use but detailed system.

This scope for customisation isn’t the only laudable element of the AA®541; it also corresponds with the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification test for windows, earning it the accolade of an A+ rating.

Other additions made to Kawneer’s library today include curtain walls and entrance doors. Some come with a 'Finger Guard' option, which prevents injuries to any fingers that get trapped between hinge stiles and frames.

Because these new objects were modelled by us, they are exclusive to bimstore. We’ve taken care to ensure accuracy in each, something that will become readily apparent when you start working with them in your projects.

New manufacturers are of course reason for excitement, but there is something to be said for updated product ranges. Do let us know what impact Kawneer's new items have on your work.  

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23rd August 2017 14:20

Onde posso baixar esse arquivo?

Julie Widdowson

Julie Widdowson

27th August 2014 18:45

Thanks Bimstore for the responses I'll remember to read the suggested instructions first before I start

Julie Widdowson

Julie Widdowson

27th August 2014 10:10

Tried several times to download and open this file in RT LT 2014 and all I get is a schedule!


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